How to swing a golf club, correctly?

Golf is a game of patience, but it is also a game of great satisfaction that is only parallel to other non-team sports. Sure, the skill and dedication required to succeed in other sports is also important, but that added uncontrollable factor of the other players makes things different. When you fail in golf, you’ve failed for no other reason but your own.

This facet is also what makes the sport so frustrating at times, especially for newcomers to the sport who are struggling to even hit the ball in the general direction of where they want it to go, let alone a small patch of green.

Work Smarter, not harder

When you start swinging that golf club around for the first time, its fun making mistakes and seeing how far you can hit that little indented ball. Many beginners who come from baseball backgrounds growing up can get a real hang of things pretty fast, because it does share many similarities: proper grip, using the hips and shoulders to deliver power, and even keeping one’s eye on the ball. That’s about where the similarities end, though, and it is often hard to transition into the proper way to swing a golf club.

Basic Do’s and Don’ts

First thing’s first, make sure your feet are shoulder width apart, which will likely be a little less wide than most baseball stances. Then, you want to watch your distance from the ball, as you will lose a lot of power and accuracy if you are not at a distance where your arms are relaxed, but not bent inward.

Your knees must be bent, naturally, too. If you are too stiff, you’ll probably end up twisting into the classic flop motion where your own swing causes you to lose your footing and fall on your backside. Your weight needs to be evenly distributed on the middle of your feet, not your heels.

With this theme of relaxed, balanced posture, you will find your swinging motion start to feel more natural. The nuances of best golf handicap differential calculator and the types of grips will come easier as you master your balance and control. Never listen to anyone who says there is only one way how to properly swing a golf club. That will only serve to cause more tension in your swing if you are emulating someone else.